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Gregory Judd, CEBS, acts as agent of record for an increasing number of Medicare beneficiaries who have purchased Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement health insurance policies.

People who are Medicare eligible - and those who help them make decisions about their health insurance coverage - are frequently unaware that they may name an agent of record - a licensed and appointed insurance professional - to assist in their decisionmaking.  Identification of an agent of record notifies a beneficiary's insurer that the insurance professional is working on the beneficiary's behalf, and typically qualfies the agent to receive compensation budgeted in the insurance policy's premium for their services.

You read that right. Compensation for an agent's services is built into Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement policies and is not returned to policyholders if they don't name an agent. In effect, the insurer keeps that sum. So, it should be no surprise that insurers' endless advertisements encourage Medicare beneficiaries to purchase Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement policies directly from them ("call us toll-free. Operators are standing by!"), rather than directing them to qualified agents.

But why not have a professional working for you, rather than waiting on hold on a confusing, menu-driven toll free "help" line, when it doesn't cost you any more money to name a professional you choose to help you?

It typically takes less than 10 minutes to arrange to name an agent of record. Usually you will need to name your professional in writing. We will do most of that work for you.

Contact us to discover a secret source of extra value in the health insurance coverage you or a loved one may already own.

Gregory Judd

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