Strategic Health Plan Relationships Reports.

Each Regional Strategic Health Plan Relationships Report identifies employer, adviser and service provider relationships for hundreds of employer health benefit plans: consultants, brokers, insurers, recordkeepers, prescription drug benefits managers, and other service providers.

Each Report is $99, and is downloadable in PDF format. Click here to examine a sample Report. Click the map quadrant to purchase and download your file. Need to sort and filter your regional results? Contact us for spreadsheet-format intelligence files.

Who works with whom, on what kind of benefits initiatives? Ask benefits information group.

Each page of our reports lists employers who sponsor health benefits for their employers. For each employer, we provide location and contact information, a brief industry description, a workforce count, and listed advisers (consultants and/or brokers) and insurers the employer works with. We report information supplied by sponsoring employers themselves - where there is no adviser or insurer information displayed, no information was reported by the listed employer.

Where a listed adviser or insurer's name is preceded by a plus sign (+), the adviser or insurer has a stronger than average relationship with the employer, based on the numbers of people covered, the numbers of lines of product/service the adviser or insurer has with the employer, and other factors. We've also highlighted "strong" advisers with a blue square, and "strong" insurers with a bright green square next to the insurer's name.

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