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benefits information group provides employee benefit plan market intelligence to a growing variety of decision and practice leaders in healthcare and financial services. Our clients recognize that benefit plan strategy and design can play significant roles in their successful  management of markets and enterprises.

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We're working on a simple tool to enable anyone to compare Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) - Consumer Reports calls them "nutrition facts labels for health insurance" - quickly and easily. You can try it now at CoverageFacts. Just register an account (of COURSE it's free) and get started. We've created a page with links to SBCs you can use to try out CoverageFacts - but if you have the document your employer or insurance company sent you, you can use that, too. Seems to work best on Explorer or Firefox browsers right now. Our favorite feature - the overlay view.

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Have a look at Healthcare 311 - a free, smartphone-friendly clinics locator utility we've developed.

Same Generic Drug, Many Prices: We found big price differences at drug stores on the generic versions of Lipitor, Plavix, and other common drugs (Consumer Reports May 2013). What to do? Try our new Prescription Drug Price Comparison Tool, powered by GoodRx.

Our Clinics Proximity Analyzer enables you to chart distances from a population's work and home locations to nearby clinics - in seconds. It's new! Acquire here

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